Content Management System

A digital foundation starts with the right CMS.

Union websites are an excellent way to bring members together. A member’s portal further enables communication and collaboration amongst union members.

Choosing a CMS with private pages will allow your organization to share members-only content such as resource galleries, images, videos, and internal news.

Velarium provides an all-in-one solution to maximize the benefits and functionality of your union website. Our software empowers NON-TECHNICAL PEOPLE to easily update and grow any part of their website in just minutes without the need to contact a developer.

Scalable navigation

With Velarium's CMS, you'll be able to add, edit, and reorganize your primary, secondary and other navigation menus on your website quickly and easily without any coding. Simple.

Know your traffic with our Google Analytics Dashboard

It's critical to know if your website is trending in the right direction, if users are engaged with your content and where your traffic is coming from. That's why we've built our analytics dashboard with vital website analytics specific for nonprofit users. Pulled directly from Google Analytics in real-time.

Update Content

Making changes on the website is extremely intuitive since you know exactly what your change will look like instead of the back end of the platform. Simply click to edit existing page elements and update the content/ images to further enhance your web page. No coding is required.

Instantly mobile responsive

You don't need to manage a secondary mobile site anymore. Any change that you make on CMS pages will automatically optimize to load quickly and look crisp across every screen size.

User roles & permissions with 2-factor authorization

Control editing permissions and access level to CMS pages, posts and other sections with the user roles and permissions feature. Enable 2FA at any time for members.