Dynamic Reports and Exports

Customize your report design to present your data exactly as you’d like it to be seen.

The dynamic Report builder allows you to easily transform your data into beautiful reports, providing you with the information you need in a matter of seconds. The simple and user-friendly interface allows the report to be created by selecting the criteria.


  • Quickly search members and generate lists by a variety of criteria.
  • Fully customizable lists and reports
  • Quickly sort, filter lists, and set column order.
  • Filter by multiple fields at the same time
  • Use a variety of filters to create custom reports (e.g., Status, Unit, Zip Code, etc.)
  • Export report to Excel, PDF, or CSV
  • Variety of standard reports including Unit, Basic Information, Labels, Job Information, Membership Cards, and      Filter members by any variable.
  • Quickly sort data by clicking column heading
  • Use reporting to easily create mailing labels, membership cards, & more
  • Choose from several variables to print to your report, include or exclude as much data as suites your needs.
  • Highly intuitive User Interface making data collection in the field simpler and more accurate.
  • Connect To Any Data Source and create tabular and letter reports.