Finance, Dues & Reconciliation Software

VUE Labor Union Management Software Modules

Financial Transaction Tracking

Designed to meet the needs of unions and locals, VUE Finance and Dues Module centralizes your finance and dues management into one core system.

VUE Finance module can be modified to conform to the needs of each Union labor organization as it exists today as well as in the future. We provide you with centralized control over your financial operations and transactions.

Our state of the art cloud-based system allows you to increase your accuracy of your financial results. By capturing all transactions and revenue adjustments from all points across your organization, VUE reduces the time and effort required for financial management and enables large association to deliver accurate reports in real time.

VUE Financial Management System

  • Tracks every type of financial transaction with your members, including dues, initiation, political contributions and benefits
  • Allocates transactions and processes them to the correct bucket
  • Manages multiple file formats from employers
  • Processes manual entries in real time
  • Provides easy accessibility to files
  • Allows fast on the fly reporting on members, status changes, address, active or inactive, past dues, and other information that is needed prior to meetings

Integrated Financial Software

  • VUE will integrate with your organization's financial software and relevant back–office applications. VUE finance allows you to integrate and enables accurate and timely financial reporting, reducing the cost and effort of financial management – from small union locals to membership of over a million members or more.
  • VUE centrally manages the collection and application of payments for membership dues, event registration fees, and certification fees as well as other monies that your organization collects on a day to day basis. It can manage payments across service levels, partial payments and over payments. Our system is interactive and will communicate with you as soon as there is a discrepancy. Our system will flag any other issues in real time and report back to you when there is an error.
  • VUE centralizes the cash receipts process so that the system can report in real time any deposits on an hourly, daily or weekly status.
  • VUE helps you improve cash flow by providing on the fly reporting that can assist your accounting department with accounts receivable analysis. It can also assist you by flagging discrepancies in real time.
  • VUE can produce journal entries for your team to incrementally recognize deferred revenues according to user defined schedules.
  • VUE interfaces into the general ledger of any standard accounting package and enables the integration of accounting data with membership streamlining many accounting, auditing, and operations functions.
  • VUE allows you to use credit card payments for dues, event registration and other union functions requiring instant payment. You will have the capabilities to handle high transactions and obtain credit card approvals within seconds.