Technical Support Services

Technical and System Support

Technical and System Support

Velarium believes that while technology empowers membership to work more efficiently, saving both time and money; equally important is the on-going service we provide.

From the start of the project and for every day thereafter, our dedicated team of designers, programmers and technicians, who created and customized your VUE Labor Management software, will be there with you – 24/7 – to maintain, update, support and assist you with any hardware, software, security or communication issues.

Support Services

Our Support Services

  • Help Desk
  • Call Center issues
  • Email system management
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Ongoing prevention of spam, viruses & spy ware
  • Cross platform support
  • On-going maintenance
Cloud-Based System Technology

Our Cloud-Based System Technology

Because VUE Labor Management software is a cloud-based, it eliminates the need for large investments in hardware, software and upgrades, or for an IT support staff or for on-going client maintenance.

In addition, cloud technology provides exceptional system and data security and redundancy. All data is secured with military-grade encryption and the system and data are backed up in world-wide data centers.