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VUE Membership Management is a database software that has been helping non profits, membership-based organizations and associations to organize and manage their membership data since 2000.

Our system allows your organization to manage, communicate with and grow your membership. It gives you the flexibility and ease of use to create an online membership-management platform as unique as your association's community.

VUE's online membership-management tools give you the ability to customize your membership using your business rules. Its ability to integrate with your website and be customized to fit within your business model makes our product unique.

Centralized Master Database

VUE Membership module allows you to centralize all of your business units into one concise and master database.

Our system is known for its ease of use and flexibility with on-the-fly reporting as well as customized reports that can be built into the system.

VUE will save you both time and money through its interactive prompts and reports that allow you to better manage your office and centralize all of your departments with one updated and complete membership system.

Union Membership Data

With VUE membership, you will control what data and content your members can access and allow you to monitor updates, directories, postings, events, and much more. You will have updated information on a member in real time and can access it from any Internet device – 24/7.

Member profiles can be accessed and updated via a user name and password. You will have the capability to upload photos and code with scanners for events. In addition, the system allows you to have the necessary information listed as public or private.

VUE allows you to search and filter your membership database with easy to use functions and interface. All member directory information can be exported or imported to other modules as it will be centralized with finance, Dispatch, and other union labor force functions.

Membership Management Highlights

  • Interfaces with your website
  • Centralizes membership information
  • Members categorized by status, types, subtypes or other specifications
  • Tracks members' complete work history
  • Tracks committees, representatives, elections, and executives
  • Tracks all communications with members including any associated documents in real time
  • Full audit trails of changes and actions performed on each member or group
  • Membership information is accessible 24/7 from any Internet device through our cloud-based system