Cloud-Based Membership Software

Membership Website Software – More Efficient & More Secure

Cloud Technology

World Leader In Cloud-Based Membership Management Software

Velarium's cloud-based VUE Union Membership software is not only a secure and reliable hosted service, it is the world leader in union and membership-based software.

Our product allows you to eliminate large investments in hardware, software upgrades and unnecessary labor and time. It allows your IT department and other departments to focus on the more important day-to-day operations of your business. In addition, our VUE Union Management System gives you the secure access from anywhere there is Internet availability on any mobile device– 24/7.

Cloud-Based Technological Advantages

  • Increased accessibility
  • Automatic fail over (should your system go down you have redundancies)
  • Fast automated recovery from failures
  • Automated on the go scaling so you can grow without incurring costs
  • Minimal investment (no needed hardware)
  • No maintenance of in house servers and parts
  • Better and faster performance
  • Your cloud-based technology can integrate with your organizations website, back office systems and business processes.

More Secure

Your data is secure with VUE as we aggressively monitor our systems and have a staff dedicated to control security. Building upon our over 16 years experience in hosting, we employ highly trained personnel, state of the art technologies and industry best practices to protect your data and prevent downtime.

More Adaptable

VUE is an enterprise software so it is highly adaptable. Our product can be customized to your needs and how you manage your business to ensure your ongoing growth and success.

In today's ever-changing world of technology, cloud-based systems provide you the ability to make changes without incurring steep costs in hardware or labor. Cloud-based systems give you the flexibility of changing your business processes through instant access to the latest software, upgrades and enhancements so your software stays at the cutting edge of performance and productivity.

This direct access also means more proactive service and faster resolution of your business issues. It ensures your applications will always run with the latest versions available in today's evolving technology!

24/7 System Support

As a VUE Membership Management customer, you will have direct access to our seasoned professional support team and all of their knowledge and experience – from implementation to upgrades and with every-day needs. This will ensure an unparalleled hosting experience for you and your team members.