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Our seasoned and talented team delivers custom solutions, tailored for you – your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind set of challenges. We listen to business objectives, understand requirements, and then deliver solutions tailored to the exact business needs.

We provide high-quality and cost-effective custom software development and mobile applications development services for enterprises.

With our innovative and robust union membership management system you’ll enjoy increased operational efficiency, reduced errors, enhanced communications and an overall improvement to the membership experience.

24/7 monitoring and a technical task force always ready to correct as quickly as possible any blocking or major anomaly.

Empowering Membership Through Technology

Average size of 30,000 members

Serving Over Half a
Million Members And

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Serving more than 30 unions

Hear from our Clients

Flexibility and customization stand out “There are many aspects of Velarium’s products that I love, but the flexibility and the customizaton are what stands out to me. I can have an hour discussion with them about a crazy idea, and they get it. For example, we wanted to find a way to better document firefighter exposure to blood pathogens, chemicals, etc., From that one conversaton, Joel created an app for us that allows firefighters to upload photos from an incident, and to document the conditons of the fire, any chemical exposure, etc. That is automatcally transferred to my Velarium system profile. Now, with the app we can keep track of all exposures in real tme, which is extremely important. Velarium hasn’t just made my work life easier, it has made all our lives easier”

--- Jack Eltman. Firefighter, IAFF22

Easy to reach, efficient and professional “We have huge databases from state and city organizatons that were on different platforms and needed to be better coordinated. We worked with Velarium to provide a program that can be customized to our needs. I have to be available to our members 24/7, so when I have a queston or need a bug in the system fixed, Joel and his team have always been easy to reach, efficient, and professional. Velarium spoils me, but that’s okay. My rapport with the team is great, and I can text them for emergencies—I get a response and get it fixed. My day to day routne and responsibilites are less stressful since we hired Velarium.”

--- Glenda Lowery, CFO, FLPBA

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VUE  Membership Management

One-stop membership management resource that manages membership, dues collection, dispatch, grievances, apprenticeships, retiree affairs, and all other membership and associations related activities.

VUE  Financial Transaction Tracking

Designed to meet the needs of unions and locals, VUE Finance and Dues Module centralizes your finance and dues management into one core system.

Accepts payments made by all sources including all cards and, specifically unions, payments from employers through our 'check-off' process. The whole cycle of dues creation, payment recording and unpaid dues chasing is robust and comprehensive.

VUE Reports and Exports

The simple and user-friendly interface allows the report to be created by selecting the criteria and export report in formats like Excel, PDF, or CSV.

Our system is known for its ease of use and flexibility with on-the-fly reporting as well as customized reports that can be built into the system.

VUE Member Portal and Mobile Application

Empower members to self-serve inside the member portal. The members can easily view and update their profile, view payment and billing information, and allow them to pay dues online.

Access all their information anytime, anywhere, via their smart device (Member App) or their desktop p/browser (Member Portal). Members can save payment information for one-click future payments, view payment history, date of recurring payment, and update their contact information via the member portal.

VUE  Online Store

Velarium’s Online Store system allows you to easily build and manage your online store, hassle free.

VUE Content Management System

Simply edit existing page elements, update the content/ images and reorganize your primary, secondary and other navigation menus to further enhance your web page. No coding is required. Simple.

VUE  Mywatchdesk

Mywatchdesk is a virtual personal journal. The Mywatchdesk Mobile App documents in real time each member’s incident report immediately after the first-responder or employee completes a life-saving event or office emergency.