Legal & Grievance Software

Grievance Filing & Arbitration

VUE Grievance Software

VUE Grievance Software is user friendly and manages the union grievance process from filing to arbitration. In addition, it will easily manage your time lines and budgets in real Time.

VUE legal is interactive and will fast becomes your office assistant managing your grievance process in real time and letting you know when there is a filing due, step by step, with automated flagging that ensures you are kept up to date, case by case.

VUE Legal allows you and your team members to access the information anytime from any Internet device including tablets, iPhones, and iPads.


  • Automatic back ups so that your system is up to date in real time
  • No need for antiquated hardware
  • Allows you to get rid of your file cabinets
  • Upload video, testimonies, and papers through an easy to use system
  • Upload video, testimonies, and papers through an easy to use system
  • Allows you to track the grievance process from start to arbitration and more
  • Our platform uses the latest in technology therefore making our system very easy to use with no extensive amount of training time needed
  • Anyone can use the systems easy function
  • Allows you to add a "computerized assistant" that will manage the grievance process for you and flag items that need to be done
  • Guarantees secure access for you and your team members as well as out of house attorneys

Created Exclusively For Labor Unions

The VUE Legal and Grievance Software module is the ONLY state-of-the-art, cloud-based software that has been created EXCLUSIVELY for union organizations and associations. It is being used by some of the most security conscious labor union organizations such as police, firefighters and passenger-aviation safety unions.

Totally Customizable

VUE Legal uses the most advance system on the market in today's ever evolving technological landscape. The VUE platform has an adaptable format that allows our union clients to customize their process the way they do their business. VUE Legal is the right answer to your needs as we have designed this exclusively for membership based organizations and today have locals using our system from as small as 100 members up to 600,000 member organizations.

VUE legal was designed for today's fast-paced working environment. Our experience with unions and our experienced technological team have created a product that is easy to use, accessible 24/7 from any Internet device and can save time and money for your organization.

Designed For Today & Tomorrow's Technology

We use the latest in technology available and our platform has been designed to accommodate today's fast changing tech environment so that you only pay one time for our system. You will not be needing upgrades as it is built into the package and you and your staff will always have the latest version of VUE.

Our team of technical experts that come from the experienced labor union management world are here to assist you 24/7.

Our merge of technological innovation from our young tech force mixed with the wisdom of our experienced labor union work force make our product the only real solution for your organization.

"Joel, thanks for VUE Legal, because of my iPad and access to the grievance file, we were able to win the case in the courtroom! Thank you for bringing FOP 5 into this century!"
Police Officer at Lodge 5 Philadelphia Police