Labor union Dispatching Software

Trade Union Software

VUE's Union Dispatching Software keeps track of member's capabilities, classifications, skills, ticketing and more. This state of the art trade union software tracks your members to properly dispatch to jobs.

VUE is a total labor management solution that is interactive and allows you to identify candidates, evaluate the job and search for the appropriate members in one quick easy to use format.

VUE's state of the art Union Dispatching Module will track your member's capabilities including experience, classifications, skills, ticketing and more

Our trade union software provides the following:

  • Manage and share a complete dispatch history
  • Record all communication between the dispatcher and members
  • Create job boards for members to easily review from any mobile device
  • Book members in to any job board for multiple classifications
  • Full audit trail of each action to help resolve disputes
  • Track all communication with members including book ins, check ins, dispatches, messages left and rejected offers
  • Warn of any possible issues and restrictions prior to dispatching a member